About Us


MELGÃO is the first industry in Portugal that transforms cocoa into chocolate.

Transforms cocoa carefully selected at the origin, in unique chocolates, thus becoming a revolutionary in the offer through new flavors and textures.

Professionals and chocolate lovers are looking for novelties and ways to innovate in an increasingly demanding market. MELGÃO’s mission is to offer unique products that stand out by their delicacy and aroma.

Continuously investing in the training and research of cocoa, MELGÃO combines the traditional technique of chocolate production with the rarest and finest cocoa beans in the world, leading to a unique production in Portugal, thus allowing MELGÃO to stand out in the national chocolate industry. Combining the rarity of the cocoa beans that it grows around the world and the traditional flavors, it creates a connection between the different cocoa cultures and the palate of those who taste the flavor of its products, giving rise to traditional chocolates with the unique flavor of its cocoa beans.

At MELGÃO we think not only about the quality of the products but also about people.

And the planet? Also. Our first concern is related to the selection of cocoa: before signing any contract with cocoa producers, we take care to check the location of plantations in order to verify compliance with environmental standards, promoting the preservation of the forest and all the surrounding environment.

We invest in environmentally friendly energy, and 2/3 of our energy is produced locally through a photovoltaic plant established on our premises. The waste resulting from our production is properly separated and forwarded to the appropriate places. Our packaging is recyclable, and we are continually striving to use environmentally friendly materials.

What about people? We care from the cocoa farmer to the final consumer.

All our cocoa comes from small farmers, organized in cooperatives, and we make sure you get the fair value for your work. We promote fair trade, and in no way accept the use of child labor.

We have established protocols with the cooperatives to create support funds for farmers with special needs.

Our employees have access to a good working space, with plenty of light, hygiene and safety conditions, continuous training, always promoting team spirit.

And what about our chocolate? Always aiming to achieve excellence products, the quality control is, for us, in all stages of the process something of extreme importance, since the harvest of the cocoa until the final product.

MELGÃO complies with all legal and food safety norms throughout the whole process, having its own quality control laboratory.

MELGÃO is installed in the Old Railway Station of Montemor-o-Novo. The building, almost centennial, was inaugurated in the beginning of the 20th century and was the old interface that served the town. Later it was transformed into a nightclub and today, after 20 years without use, it is the brand’s chocolate factory.