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The brand Melgão Cacau e Chocolates was born from the passion of its founding partners, brothers António and Serafim Melgão, for the world of chocolate. Combining their vast experience in the industry, and detecting a gap in the national market of chocolate excellence, they decided to venture out and open a chocolate factory, manufacturing high quality products, aimed at professionals and the general public.

At Melgão we transform cocoa beans, duly selected in their origin, rare and fine in aroma, into differentiated and high quality chocolates, investing in wild and rare varieties, which makes them so unique.

The factory is installed in the building of the old railway station of Montemor-o-Novo, deactivated more than 30 years ago, and maintains to this day many of its original features.

Based on cocoa and investing continuously in improvement, research and innovation, Melgão wants to stand out, both nationally and internationally, for the uniqueness of its products and services, offering not only excellent products but also investing in the training component.

Besides the quality of the products, at Melgão Cacau e Chocolates there are other components which are equally important for the good functioning of the brand and which form our policy. The origin of the raw material, the preservation of the ecosystem, the people who are involved in the process, from farmers in the cocoa plantations to Melgão’s direct employees, are ongoing concerns of the brand.

Starting from the origin of the product, all our cocoa comes from small farmers, usually organized in cooperatives. Before any contract is signed with cocoa producers, care is taken to visit the plantation site, to verify compliance with standards that promote the preservation of the forest and its entire ecosystem. It is also extremely important to see the conditions of the workers in these plantations, ensuring that they earn a fair price for their work and that there is no use of child labor.

We have also established a protocol with the cooperatives to create support funds for farmers with special needs.

We bet on a strict quality control of the product, from the cocoa bean to the final product.

We invest in environmentally friendly energies, and we have a photovoltaic plant in our facilities, from which we obtain two thirds of the energy we consume.

The residues resulting from our production are properly separated and forwarded to proper places. Our packaging is recyclable, with a continuous concern and research for more environmentally friendly materials.

In our facilities our employees have access to a good working space, with plenty of light, with hygiene and safety conditions, continuous training, always promoting team spirit.

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